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The STAR Study

A clinical trial to determine the safety and efficacy of StereoTactic radiotherapy for wet Age-Related macular degeneration.

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About the Study

The STAR Study investigates the use of stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) as a treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD). SRT uses accurately focused x-ray beams to target the leaking areas in the retina that cause wet AMD. All patients participating in the study will receive normal wet AMD treatment with the commonly used drug, Lucentis® (also known as ranibizumab). Two-thirds of participants will also be treated with SRT.

Study Details

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Study Sites

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    National Treatment Centres

    SRT is provided at these centres.

    Study Sites

    These hospitals perform recruitment and follow up visits, however the one-off SRT procedure will be performed at a National Treatment Centre.

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